Scouts and Guides:

Scouts and Guides services are running in our vidyalaya under Dynamic Leadership of Principal Madam Mrs. Mamta Shekahr.

S & G  are regularly participating in various activities like Indepdence Day Celebration, Republic Day Celebration, Thinking day Celebration, Sports Day Celebration etc.


Details of No of Cubs, Bulbul, Scouts and Guides  ( SHIFT 1) :

No of Cubs : 24

No of Bulbul : 24

                                      Scout                     Guide

Parvesh                            22                        16

Partham                            22                        16

Dwitya                               09                        07

Tritya                                 07                        --

Rajya Puraskar                 02                        05


Total                                  62                        44    =   106  

Classes are taken to give theoretical and practical knowledge of Scouting and Guiding fordifferent Test.

                                                     Pratham Sopan Testing Camp 2018-19 Shift-II 


Scout-206 Guide-13

Dwitiya Sopan Testing Camp 2017-18:-(Certificate isuued) Shift-II

  Scouts-13 Guide-07

Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp 2017-18 (Certificate isuued) Shift-II

Scouts-07 Guide-04

Pre Rashtrapati Testing Camp 2017-18 Shift-II

Scouts-02 Guides-02